Pedestrian Accidents, Report Personal Injuries for Lawyers' Evaluation


There is always some risk associated with traveling of any sort; even walking has its demerits. With growing technology, such as cell phones and PDAs, pedestrians are more distracted than ever before and so are the motorists. These distractions lead to pedestrian accidents because they move out of their designated path, ignore traffic signals; try to cross the road in a hurry etc. Though pedestrian accidents occur at a lower rate, still they account for 10.9% of the total accidents.

It has been recorded that the pedestrian accidents mostly happen in urban areas with high traffic congestion. It has been observed that mostly males are the victims of accidents. Nearly all the pedestrian fatalities take place on weekends during 4p.m-4a.m. The younger affected of such accidents are under age 16 and they fall victims to these mishaps during 3p.m-7p.m.

Although the rates of pedestrian injuries have decreased over the years, still the damages are considerable. In 2010 70,000 injuries were recorded. Pedestrians are in more danger than any other non-vehicle occupant on road. They suffer more fatal injuries like spinal cord injuries, fractures, muscular tissue damage, head injuries, disfigurement, handicaps etc.

A simple mistake by the driver can cost a pedestrian his/her life. A wrong u-turn, careless backing up, over speeding, disregard for traffic rules, ignoring the pedestrians on road can lead to serious damage to innocent lives. It can be a cause of pain and suffering throughout life.

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