Motorcycle Accidents, Report Personal Injuries for Lawyers' Evaluation


How often do you see a motorcycle zooming away on the road? Motorcyclists pride themselves on being dare devils and reckless risk takers trying out stunts whenever they get the chance, although it might be considered fun for sometimes more often than not it results in dire consequences for the motorcyclists, any passenger and pedestrians.

Motorcycle accidents occur 35 times more than car accident, these accidents are also more severe and instant death results in almost all of them. Although some of the fault is on the head of the motorcyclist most accidents also occur when car drivers violate the rights of motorcycle drivers and move in their lane, this results in head on collision 56% of the time and the motorcyclists is more likely to die on impact than the car driver. 42% of the accidents happen when motorcycles overtake cars from the wrong side this results in deadly accidents especially for the motorcyclists. Whenever motorcyclists try to move between two lanes of slowly moving or stationary cars (traffic jam), then it results in accidents.

A serious safety threat to the motorcyclists is the road condition: potholes, dead animals, slippery roads, and other irregularities and unexpected objects. Speeding is another major factor that contributes to death in motorcycle accidents. The skill of the driver and wearing protective gear can decrease the risk of accidents.

The injuries caused by motorcycle accidents are often critical and result in death 74% of the time. Other injuries include:spinal cord damage, head injuries, fractures, muscle sprains, concussion, bruises, abrasions and burns.

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