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Bicycle Accidents
A very common means of transportation now a days are bicycles. Bicycle is a healthy transport which is gaining popularity nowadays. It is a good source of recreation, sport and exercise. A cyclist riding on a road is vulnerable to serious accidents than any other person.
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Drunken Driving Accidents
For a long time now drunken driving has been a serious menace on the roads, taking away innocent lives each year despite the regulations and laws in place for drunken driving these accidents have not declined considerably.
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Car Accidents
One can never be too careful when on the road, a reckless driver a negligent passenger an in attentive pedestrian, sudden motor mechanical failures, mistakes freight to environmental conditions, animals crossing the road, deficiencies in structure transit (errors in signposts and road engineering) are among the many reasons that can cause a car accident.
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Bus Accidents
Although public transport is safer and secure compared to personal transport, still it accounts for a large percentage of road accidents. Back in 2009, 221 fatal bus accidents occurred taking a lot of innocent lives and the number is increasing every year. Due to economic recession, people are opting to travel by buses as they are more affordable and economical.
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Boat Accidents
Leisure activities are considered as a prerequisite to recreation, with work life becoming more hectic and engaging people need recreational activities more than ever, boating has emerged as the new phase in leisure traveling.
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Truck Accidents
Simple carrier trucks, eighteen wheelers, trailers and oil tankers are considered the kings of the road. Their massive girth leads to massive destruction when they meet accidents. Not only do the drivers need to be extra careful and aware of the special circumstances that are more prone to accidents than smaller vehicles.
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Motorcycle Accidents
How often do you see a motorcycle zooming away on the road? Motorcyclists pride themselves on being dare devils and reckless risk takers trying out stunts whenever they get the chance, although it might be considered fun for sometimes more often than not it results in dire consequences for the motorcyclists, any passenger and pedestrians.
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Pedestrian Accidents
There is always some risk associated with traveling of any sort; even walking has its demerits. With growing technology, such as cell phones and PDAs, pedestrians are more distracted than ever before and so are the motorists. These distractions lead to pedestrian accidents because they move out of their designated path, ignore traffic signals; try to cross the road in a hurry etc.
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Speeding Accidents
Speeding remains the biggest killer on roads, 171 people die on average due to over speeding. Speeding is still a huge challenge that countries are trying to overcome so that they can avoid the needless loss of innocent lives dying each year.
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Train Accidents
Train injuries are often very tragic and cause massive catastrophe, every 115 minute a person or car is hit by a train, despite all the sophisticated warning devices and systems. As the trains carry a large number of passengers the accidents are always complex and create chaos.
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