Drunken Driving Accidents, Report Personal Injuries for Lawyers' Evaluation


For a long time now drunken driving has been a serious menace on the roads, taking away innocent lives each year despite the regulations and laws in place for drunken driving these accidents have not declined considerably. In 2011, 63,000 victims suffered from accidents labeled under DUIs (Drivers under the influence) whereas other accidents may be just that, accidents. Drunken driving is treated as a crime because a drunk driver is a hazard not only to himself but also responsible for physical and psychological damages to other people.The victims of the crash may die or recover from their fatal injuries but the trauma of the event never vanishes from their memory leaving lasting psychological consequences. The sufferers should consult and seek the aid of a qualified lawyer to compensate the loss.The facts of drunken driving:

  • Blood alcohol concentration should be less than .15.
  • The drunken drivers are mostly males of 25-35 with BAC higher than .15.
  • The accidents occur after midnight and on weekends.
  • 32% of the total accidents are caused by alcohol impaired drivers.
  • In 2009, an alcohol impaired driver killed one innocent life every 48 minutes.
  • Holidays are another peak moment for drunken driving vehicular accidents.

The victims of drunken driving vehicular accidents should be made aware of their rights and they should consult a legal firm for their expert services regarding compensation for the injuries and losses they have suffered, as these injuries may have caused long term disabilities, loss of earning family member etc and the compensations would be a life line for the survivors.

report drunken driving accidents