Car Accidents, Report Personal Injuries for Lawyers' Evaluation


One can never be too careful when on the road, a reckless driver a negligent passenger an in attentive pedestrian, sudden motor mechanical failures, mistakes freight to environmental conditions, animals crossing the road, deficiencies in structure transit (errors in signposts and road engineering) are among the many reasons that can cause a car accident. Personal injuries due to car accidents make up for a major portion of complaints registered in the US courts; in 2012 alone 6.2 million car accidents were reported by the police.

With so many factors contributing to car accidents people have to be extra careful but driver negligence and unconcern for personal safety is a major factor contributing to these accidents. 2.8 million People were reported to be injured in car accidents and of them 42,636 were killed due to the “human factor” ages 16-20 are more prone to accidents as they are more reckless and have a certain disregard for personal safety:100,000 injuries have been reported to occur when these youngsters were behind the wheels.

These accidents can occur at any time and place with a slight mistake but the peak time for accidents for youngsters is 3pm – 4pm on weekdays and for adults it is at holidays and weekends mostly after midnight.Car accidents cause more injuries than any other type of accident and have more severe and fatal consequences, these injuries are grouped into different categories according to the severity, including temporary total disability and partial temporary injuries causing discomforts in acts of daily life. These injuries can cause excessive physical and psychological injuries leading to whiplash, whiplash neck, head injuries, fractures, spinal cord injuries, paraplegia, paralysis and even death.

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