Bus Accidents, Report Personal Injuries for Lawyers' Evaluation


Although public transport is safer and secure compared to personal transport, still it accounts for a large percentage of road accidents. Back in 2009, 221 fatal bus accidents occurred taking a lot of innocent lives and the number is increasing every year.

Due to economic recession, people are opting to travel by buses as they are more affordable and economical. Unfortunately, the accident rate is also increasing with the rise in use of public transport.A variety of causes result in bus accidents.

Major contributors are driver negligence, over loaded buses, driver fatigue and intoxication, bus condition, road structure, absence or misplaced road signs. As the bus size is huge, therefore breaking system must be well maintained otherwise it can cause fatal accidents. Weather may also be a cause of accidents along with an unqualified driver.

School bus accidents are a disturbing part of road accidents occurring primarily because of inexperienced drivers, low bus maintenance and unavailability of seat belts. In 2011, school buses accounted for 39% of the total death toll in bus accidents.Passengers can suffer horrible and critical injuries due to bus accidents.

The victims can suffer from spinal cord injuries, fractures, body sprains, abrasions, soft tissue injuries, burns, severe brain injuries that can lead to death.

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