Boat Accidents, Report Personal Injuries for Lawyers' Evaluation


Leisure activities are considered as a prerequisite to recreation, with work life becoming more hectic and engaging people need recreational activities more than ever, boating has emerged as the new phase in leisure travelling. Power boats, sail boats and man power boats are increasingly being seen out in the sea for cruises, traveling, fishing, and water skiing. A major portion of people with boats are into sports activities such as canoeing, kayaks, rowing, skiing etc.

Although the safety measurements are defined by the coast guard, which are:

  • Life jackets for everyone on board.
  • Navigation charts and lights.
  • Sound making devices in case of emergency.
  • A communication channel with the coast guard.

The primary types of injuries in boating accidents involve laceration, broken bones, head injuries, burns and contusions. Whereas shocks, spinal injuries, hypothermia, dislocation of bones, internal injuries and sprains make a small percentage of boating injuries.Many people do not follow these rules due to negligence or recklessness and accidents follow, the largest factor contributing to boating deaths is drowning because people neglect wearing life jackets, this makes up for 70% of boating deaths. Apart from this disregard of safety rules a major portion of boating accidents occur because of boating under the influence of Alcohol it contributed to 16% of total deaths. Another important factor is the inexperienced driver facing severe weather conditions, a minority of accidents are caused by engine damage or failure, electronic equipment on board, toxic gases released by the engine and rare fatal weather conditions.

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